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Interview: Film star, Peter McPherson

We chatted with star Peter McPherson on his new Netflix film ‘In From The Side’, which is set right here in South West London!

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about the role you play in the film?
Peter: So I’m Peter, one of the actors in the film. I play the role of John. He’s one of the A squad in the rugby team, and boyfriend to Warren.

For those of us who haven’t watched it just yet, can you give us a glimpse of what to expect?
Peter: So it’s set around a rugby team, the B team. And there is a really beautiful love story. A love affair shall I say. It’s about this team that’s potentially getting their funding cut. So they’re having to fight for their place, for their community.

It’s such a wonderfully unique film which shines a light on part of that world that we don’t really see in the mainstream. What attracted you initially to the script?
Peter: I think because it’s an independent British, gay, full feature film, first of all. It’s not really been done before. It’s of its time, I think. And also what attracted me was the story. Matt Carter (the director) wrote this piece, directed it, everything. Because we’re not funded by Disney, say, we don’t have to round the story off. It doesn’t have to be a happy ending. So I think what attracted me is the fact that, because it’s a true story, it comes from (the idea that) things aren’t always perfect.

Are you much of a rugby player yourself?
Peter: All I can say is it is wonderful what they can do in editing. We had, actually, a few training days to learn how to hold the ball, pass the ball. I mean, I did some at school, but that was a long time ago.

As a Clapham local watching the film, it was so fun to spot parts of the neighbourhood. And now you live locally as well! What’s your favourite thing about living here?
Peter: Well, anyone knows me knows that I’m Greg’s Girl so that’s my go to. But if I’m gonna go for a drink, I go to Arch. I love Arch. It’s got a nice sense of community there; the bar staff, the management, they’re all really lovely. One of my favourite places, which you can’t forget, is the Common. In the summer, you’ve got the gay triangle. But also if I’m having a bad day, a bad mental health day or I’ve got things to think about, I love grabbing a coffee and go for a walk on the Common. One of my favourite things.

You recently did an event at Arch, tell us a bit about that!
Peter: My husband, David Allwood, is currently Mr Gay Great Britain. He’s got his own company called Homo Parody, and what he does is he recreates iconic music videos. And it’s like this sense of community- people come together, we all put it on and we edit the video, put it out and we make money for London Friend, an LGBTQ+ charity that helps with loneliness in the community, helps with drug and alcohol addiction. So yeah, that’s what we were doing. It was really fun.

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