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Level up at LevelOut, Brixton’s newest gym

Pilates, Hiit or strength training? Pick your poison, or pick all three. We are still feeling the effects of Brixton’s newest gym.

Credit: @levelout.london

LevelOut opened up on Tunstall Road at the beginning of the year. We wrote about it here, so you can check out all the details of what the space has to offer. In a nutshell, LevelOut is a community focused gym that champions community and offers a wholistic scheduled of classes: Hiit, lift and reformer Pilates classes means that this gym can be your one stop shop for a full body workout.

We went down to the LevelOut Special: Lift + Burn with Eva. As soon as we got into the gym we were struck with two things. First, how lovely the space was. The design is fantastic and it felt fresh, open and clean. Secondly was the vibe of the place. It exudes energy and we felt immediately at home from the welcoming atmosphere. The class itself had 8 taking part, a nice size which meant didn’t feel too crowded and we got the full attention of Eva for modifications and technique too. It was a lot of fun; during the workout we were split in two and each group alternated between letting it rip on the ergs and doing floor-based work. It kept the hour interesting- as soon as we were tired on one exercise we’d be switched onto the next… which also kept our heart rate high too and we were sweaty in no time. It finished up with a fun relay in pairs, it would be great to do with mate but don’t fret if you go solo, everyone was so lovely and ready to get stuck in that it wouldn’t matter either way. High energy and good vibes throughout, it was a properly enjoyable workout.

Credit: @levelout.london

We tried out the reformer Pilates too. The upstairs room is gorgeous, with loads of natural light and lots of space it was exactly the kind of place we imagined when doing some serene Pilates. This was a first for us but Poppy, the instructor, gave very clear instructions and we felt really comfortable and supported immediately. It was a really great workout at a slower pace, perfect if you’re looking for a low impact yet still tough workout.

We’d really recommend giving this new spot a try. We had a fantastic time working out there and you bet we were feeling the effects for a few days afterwards too.

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