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London to Brighton veteran car run to pass through Clapham and Brixton

The London streets are being transformed on 6th November. A fleet of antique cars are taking to the road and you can see them from the SW!

Credit: veterancarrun.com

The streets of London might look a little different on the morning of the 6th November when hundreds of 19th and 20th Century cars will be taking to the road. And no, it’s not because you’ve accidentally woken up in the wrong century. It’s because it is the 126th annual veteran car run! This is the world’s longest running motoring event and you’ll be able to see it right here from the streets of the South West.

Credit: veterancarrun.com

The 60 mile route runs from Hyde Park all the way down to Brighton. Featuring 353 automobiles (the oldest clocking in at an impressive 130 years old and the ‘youngest’ at 117), they have a choice of route after crossing Westminster Bridge some will head down the A23 to Brixton, and some will head over the Lambeth Bridge and pass through Clapham instead. It is completely free to watch this fleet of antique cars rattle past, and is sure to be quite the sight. Luckily the cars won’t be going too quick, so you’ll have a good amount of time to check out each one as they ‘zoom’ by.

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