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Lórian Delicatessen is about to open in Chelsea. Here’s 3 reasons to be excited…

Look out, Chelsea, there’s a new hybrid eatery on the horizon. Lorian is opening on the 26th June and yes, you’re going to want to go ASAP.

One of the best things about London is that there’s always something new on the horizon. A new restaurant here, a new bar there- it’s a never ending discovery of fresh places bringing fresh concepts. But, being the busy, bustling Londoners we are, it’s easy to get numb to the newness. So we’ve made it simple for you for this one. Here are 3 reasons why the opening of Lórian in Chelsea is especially exciting.

  • The people

Everyone knows that people make a place and the people behind Lórian are a pretty fantastic crew. Head chef is Emily Dobbs, whose food you’ll have eaten if you’ve ever visited Petersham Nurseries or Ducksoup. She will be working in collaboration with 180 The Strand’s Johnnie Collins to create a vegetable-forward menu (more on that in a second) for the restaurant. Everything bakery related will be headed up by Lauren Duncan, who founded the extremely popular Presto London. The brain power comes from Taz Fustok and Jonathan Krauss, the same duo who created the celebrity favourite Laylow in Nottinghill, so expect the same flawless service and well deserved hype. If that’s not an A team, we don’t know what is.

Credit: @johnniecollins
  • The food

It’s a hybrid eatery, so you’ll be able to get food at the deli and bakery, or sit in for a more formal affair in the restaurant. The menu is putting seasonal vegetables front and centre, we’ve heard whispers of dishes like grilled homegrown greens with lemon and seeds, and a salt baked beetroot, horseradish and parsley number too… The produce is, of course, going to be top notch: Shrub Provisions, The Ethical Butcher and The Sea The Sea are already signed up to supply the ingredients. In the deli will be freshly made salads which you can grab-and-go along with bread, cakes and pastries.

Credit: @shrubprovisions
  • The vibe

The design of Lórian will be every bit as impressive as the food and team. From the to-go boxes (which will have delicate and intricate illustrations on them by artist Frederick Wimsett) to the wall mounted sculpture (a mural featuring highlights from the London skyline), there will be nothing untouched by some kind of beauty. Make sure you have your phone at the ready, because you’re going to want to get a picture for the ‘gram.

Opening on 26th June at 162B Sloane Street, SW1X 9BS

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