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National Fitness Day, here are some of our Clapham sweaty favourites

There’s a day for everything, right? But if this NFD has got you inspired, try out one of our local gyms to get a sweat on.


Credit: @hex_london

If you’re looking to build your strength, Hex is going to be the spot for you. It’s member only which means it has a really nice community feel to it. You’ll go for the pump, but you’ll stay for the people.

Heba Pilates

Credit: @hebapilatesclaphamcommon

Heba is like the Peloton for Pilates. Drop in to your booked slot, slip on those grippy socks and spend up to an hour working your way through your choice of one of their cleverly filmed class under the watchful gaze of a guide.


Credit: @theweekending

One of the rowdiest exercise classes you’ll come across. You’ve seen the red shorts squatting, lunging and jumping over the summer on the Common but during the winter these LGBTQIA+ friendly classes certainly don’t hibernate. They’ll be heading to Tottenham Court Road for a warmer workout, just a hop away on the Northern line.

Angel Gyms

Credit: @angelgyms

No matter who you are or where you are in your fitness journey, Angel Gyms will make you feel empowered on your way out. These PT sessions happen in an upmarket setting and are, quite simply, as fabulous as you are.

Train Yard

Credit: @trainyardsw4

These group classes are highly addictive. With a different style of class every day, go 7 days a week and get a whole body workout over a longer period. If you want to take a break from their strength or cardio programme, then book into one of their Pilates sessions.


Credit: @gymnasium.fit_clapham

Gymnasium has many creditable accolades for a reason. Their small, classed-based approach to strength, flexibility and functionality is fun as well as being a proper workout. Commit to them, and they’ll commit right back to you too.


Credit: @oncorelondon

There are many things we love about this gym, one of them being its name. The other things include the huge range of classes available, from reformer to ride this little spot off Clapham Park Road has the capacity to be your new favourite sweat. Can we get an encore for Oncore!


Credit: @yogahaven

Yogis unite at this popular London studio. They’ve got a few around town and the Clapham one (based in Old Town) is no exception to their popularity. Think yoga isn’t a sweaty game? Think again. Their hot yoga classes are no joke; made to help you reach new levels of flexibility, they’ll also give you a fantastic work out too.

Lift Studio

Credit: @liftstudioldn

Lift Studio explains itself better than we ever could. “A space where women can learn to lift weights away from diet culture, judgement and comparison”. Mic drop.

Box It Bootcamp

Credit: @boxitbootcamp

On the Common in the summer and in a studio in the winter, this year round bootcamp will not only help you shake off the stress of the day but it will also get your heart rate high. Put ’em up!

One Element

Credit: @oneelementclapham

For a proper sweat with a group of humans that will quickly become your friends, One Element combines a mix of HIIT and core exercises for a full hour of full body work. And you’ll probably be invited for a coffee afterwards.

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