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Need a wholesome weekend? Here’s your activity

The weather is (whisper it) looking pretty good for this weekend. Spend a day in the sun at this street festival on St. John’s Hill.

Credit: @the_junction_bid

St. John’s Hill is coming back for another year to give you the dose of wholesome family fun you’ve been craving. This Sunday (21st May) the hill will be taken over with all the fun of the fair at the May Festival.

There will be loads of things going on to keep you busy. As well as pop-up shops and artisan stalls (lots of local businesses from the surrounding area will be getting involved) and street food vendors and bars to spend your money at, there will be entertainment too. Pull up a bench and sip a pint whilst watching some live music, enjoy some street performers and obviously, obviously watch the dog show- because we are in Battersea. If you’ve got kids with you then get involved with ‘Bumblebee the Transformer’ and ‘Razor the Dinosaur’ who will be wandering around the streets. A perfect photo opportunity if ever we’ve heard of one.

Credit: @the_junction_bid

Were better to kickstart summer than St. John’s Hill this Sunday! Be there between 11am and 5pm.

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