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Your summer hangout is back: The Terrace by Megan’s has officially reopened

Let us introduce you to your new summer hangout: The Terrace by Megan’s is back and this time, it’s getting pink.

Ok now it’s official: summer is here. How can you tell? The Terrace by Megan’s has reopened. This summery spot is in the hearts and memories of many South West London visitors and locals, we all love it for so many reason. The alfresco dining, the delicious food, the dog watching and, of course, one too many glasses of the iconic Frosé (IYKYK).

The Terrace is an outpost of booming restaurant group Megan’s. Starting in 2002 on the King’s Road, it has since expanded to 20 locations, one of the most quirky being The Terrace. Only open at specific times of the year, The Terrace is an alfresco spot right in the middle of Clapham Common. Its walk-in only policy means that it’s a great spot to swing by for refreshments when you’ve had a lazy day sunbathing on the grass, it can easily become a fun evening out with friends when the weather is good or if you find yourself out on a dog walk and in desperate need of a coffee, swing by for one to go! It really is good at any time. If the sun is out.

Each season there is a different theme, and this summers theme is one we can certainly get involved with: rosé. The Terrace has collaborated with sustainable rosé brand Mirabeau, and there couldn’t be anything more fitting. The decor will be in keeping with the theme; think big beautiful flowers, fairy lights and lots of pink. Along side a glass of light blush, you’ve got to go for it with their menu- it never misses, especially here because, unique to The Terrace location, you can find a whole host of pides (Turkish breads stuffed with lots of oozy ingredients). If you’ve already been, you’ll know from years gone by that these are truly delicious, but there’s some brand new flavours for 2023! There’s the n’deja and labneh, burrata and prosciutto and even a vegan friendly tenderstem and piri-piri pide. We will be making multiple trips to try out all the new flavours, and we recommend that you do too.

Sit back in the summer breeze, enjoy the green space we are lucky to be surrounded by in Clapham and get ready to fall in love with your new summer hangout.

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