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Nue Ground is set for autumn

Nue Ground never gets old. Because it is constantly updating it’s menu with the seasons, we can love it all year round.

If there is something that Nue Ground does well, it’s beautifully seasonal food. As the leaves change colour so does the menu over at this sweet health cafe/restaurant on Abbeville Road, so we headed down to check out a couple of the new autumnal dishes- and what a spread we were treated to.

The 3 grain porridge was something that Red Riding Hood would have been all over. The luxurious house made almond butter and silky coconut yogurt were accompanied with a cardamom and blackberry compote and fresh pear to add a bit of zing to the bowl. Oh and that 3 grain base? It’s so creamy because it is made with potato milk. It was far from the haunting memory of a stodgy childhood breakfast- this one was surprisingly light and would absolutely be a welcomed and warming addition to any autumnal brunch table.

Tweaked with seasonal alterations, the buckwheat pancakes at Nue Ground are a worthy all-year round staple on the menu. They are such a showstopper and this version was no anomaly. They came with a seared date glazed banana, a homemade maca cream and a stupidly moorish hazelnut cocoa caramel. Yes it’s an indulgent dish, but the buckwheat batter and the not-too-sweet maca cream left us feeling somewhat virtuous.

For our savoury dishes we got the baked aubergine, which was really beautiful to look at… and to eat. Stuffed with a hearty vegetable quinoa mix and topped with avocado cream and sitting next to a swoosh of turmeric hummus, we lost count of how many of our five a day we were getting. There’ll be no winter flu for the Best of South West team after that one. Then a plate of softly roasted slices of squash and pumpkin. On a creamy bed of coconut yoghurt and topped with salty vegan feta and crispy sage this was autumn in a mouthful and totally, totally delicious.

Of course, Nue Ground don’t just do food really well. They pay really close attention to their drinks menu and it is well worth checking out. If you can’t be swayed away from your trusty coffee order, then don’t fret. Nue Ground have a cracking blend of beans and will happily make you a great cappuccino. However, if you are in the mood to be a bit adventurous then try out one of the speciality drinks. We gave the adaptogenic latte a go and were pleasantly surprised. We say pleasantly surprised because we were a little apprehensive about the ‘mushroom super blend, carob and coconut oil’ combination. Surely you can’t drink a mushroom? Surely that can’t be tasty? Oh how wrong we were. This warming drink was not only delicious (think a slightly earthy hot chocolate) but it was also, as the name suggests, adaptogenic. Which means that it has qualities that help alleviate stress and promote feelings of calmness, something our regular coffee can only dream of doing. Well, sign us up for another one of those. Or maybe we will go for the charcoal infused super detox latte next time. We guess it depends on how we’ve woken up.

Nue Ground really is a place for all seasons. You’ll come out with a body full of truly amazing food and drink, feeling ever-so-slightly virtuous and with nutrients pumping round you to fend off any winter lurgy. The gift that keeps on giving!

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