2 years ago

Sea Garden officially open in Brixton

Sea Garden has moved from one SW London foodie location to another. Once Broadway Market and now Market Row. Welcome to Brixton!

Credit: @theseagardenuk

After a soft-launch period, Sea Garden is officially opening in Brixton this Wednesday (28th September). They’ll be moving into their new home on Market Row, having spent 5 successful years gracing the stomachs of their Broadway Market patrons in Tooting.This move is certainly an upgrade for the restaurant; the new location is a larger space with both indoor and market-side seating.

Credit: @foodyandtherainbowdish

If you’ve not guessed from the name, Sea Garden are specialists in all things fishy. With lots of small plates of quality dishes like tempura squid, smoked salmon arancini and grilled king prawns, it is no wonder that this restaurant has managed to make quite the reputation for itself from it’s Tooting days. They don’t neglect their liquid menu either and take pride in their wide range of cocktails on offer. Are you getting a seagroni or a sea dog martini with your oysters?

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