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South Bank College Campus could expand to Clapham

South Bank College are planning a huge development in Clapham South. They are aiming to supply education, jobs and houses to the area.

Credit: Lambeth College

South Bank College have announced their plans to expand their educational offering to Clapham. The development, which will take over 45 Clapham Common Southside, is set to be quite the undertaking. The site is currently occupied by Lambeth College, which has been there since the ’60s and now South Bank College are looking to collaborate with the current occupiers to create a new Gateway Educational Centre.

The proposed plans are broad; South Bank College is planning to erect 7 buildings in a range of heights (tallest at 13 storeys), with 6,000 sqm assigned for the Gateway Educational Centre and 4,000 sqm of open space.

Credit: Lambeth College

The site won’t just be for the new campus. To help fund the project, there will also be 505 new homes built to be rented or bought, 150 of which will be affordable. This aims to supply a bit more cash as tenants move in whilst easing the demand for housing in London.

The development is keen to do well by the community and the environment too. Using inspiration from current Clapham buildings, it is hoping to blend nicely into it’s SW setting. They are also hoping that the development will supply job oppertunities to locals during and post development- not to mention the benefit of the education the South Bank College will be able to supply to so many when it is up and running. Alongside this, they are aiming to have a zero carbon development with strong emphasis on access via public transport or cycling and a sustainable waste disposal operation.

Whilst the building work is being undertaken the college will remain functional.

We are sure that locals to this development will have a view on the proposal. The developers will be holding live Q&A sessions for their neighbours on several dates from the 14th July, all you need to do is register to have your say!

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