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Temaki launches a lunch deal will get you drooling

See you later boring lunches! With this lunch deal at Temaki, you’ll soon be swapping sandwiches for handrolls.

Credit: @temakihandrollbar

Lunches can be so ‘meh’. Stuck in a cycle of cold leftovers from the night before, a bit of old cheese on toast and maybe a roast at the weekend, that midday meal can start to feel like a bit of a chore. Until now. Temaki are ready to shake up your lunchtime routine with the launch of their all-new set menu.

There are for different menus to choose from, each with three delectable elements. Check out the individual menus below:

Classic (£25)

  • Chicken karage
  • Pork katsu sando
  • Eel temaki

Fish (£28)

  • Chef’s sashimi
  • Crispy rice, spicy trout
  • Akamai or trout temaki

Mixed (£28)

  • Trout tataki
  • Cuttlefish katsu
  • Pork sando

Veg (£25)

  • Mushroom temaki
  • Veg tempura
  • Grilled aubergine sesame
Credit: @temakihandrollbar

The menus are available exclusively on Friday to Sunday lunchtimes, and being as they are so impossible to choose between, we’d recommend booking in for a few weekends in a row and slowly working through all four. We will see you there.

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