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The Brixton Easter Egg Hunt: Find the Festival

We have 12 (!) tickets to some incredible Brixton-based festivals to give away this Easter. The only catch? You’ve got to find them first.

Credit: @@lukedyson

There is an epic event line up coming to Brockwell Park this May and June. The likes of Project 6, City Splash, Cross the Tracks, Wide Awake, Brockwell Bounce and Mighty Hoopla are, literally, taking to the stage to bring you days of festival fun.

So with that in mind, do we have a treat for you! Over the Easter weekend we will be giving you the opportunity to nab some tickets to these incredible events (alongside some chocolate, because no Easter egg hunt is complete without a bit of the sweet stuff).

Here’s the down-low on the prizes: we have 12 tickets to giveaway across the Brockwell Live event series, alongside some bouji Davenports Easter eggs as kindly supplied by our friends at Guzzl. These eggs are really, really nice and come in some wild flavours; afternoon tea, choc brownie, curious caramels, peppermint creams, hepple gin, crème brûlée… It was extremely tempting to keep them to ourselves. There will be several location ‘drops’ across the weekend, which will be live-streamed on our instagram. When you see us ‘going live’ that’s your moment to race to the location we are at. First person there gets 2x tickets to a festival!

It will be a live, fast-paced race across Brixton, so get those notifications (and your running shoes) on!

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