12 months ago

The Butchers Grill is the answer to your meaty cravings

The Butchers Grill has opened in Tooting Market and we are clammy witch excitement… Or is that the meat sweats kicking in?

Credit: @butchers_grill

Do you like chicken? Steak? Pulled pork maybe? If all things animal get you going then this is exciting news for you. The Butchers Grill has been going since 2017, when it opened in Elephant and Castle’s foodie market Mercato Metropolitano. It quickly became known there for serving, you guessed it, meat.

As the name suggests, The Butchers Grill are grilling specialists. They prepare freshly sourced meat then and there, and you can find all kinds to satisfy your meaty cravings: steak, ribs, chicken, pork… All of which can be served just how you like it. In a box with salad, rice and fries. As a sandwich. In a salad. Or, if you’re feeling extra hungry as a XL mixed grill plate (that’s 8 wings, 8 BBQ’d pork ribs, topside steak, chimichurri sauce and fries). Basically, if you’re hankering for some protein, there is no place better to look than here.

Credit: @afoodiegirl

They’ll be open every single day between midday and 10pm. Bring your friends (although maybe leave the vegetarian at home) and get stuck in.

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