2 years ago

The Old Post Office Bakery to remain open

We can all breathe a bready sigh of relief. Our favourite 40 year old bakery is going to remain open and we couldn’t be more happy.

Well thank goodness for that! The 31st of Jan was a terribly sad day when the Old Post Office Bakery announced that, after 40 years of trade, they were looking to sell the bakery. Our hearts broke a little at the thought of the site on Landor Road being discontinued as the legendary institution it has become. 40 years of trade has seen the bakery collect a huge amount of fans, we know it isn’t a Saturday for us if we’re not picking up one of their famously big pan au chocs for breakfast.

However, a few days ago it was announced that the bakery was going to remain open. Our carb addiction will still be fuelled! The current owners Richard and John have sold the bakery to new owners, who are keen to keep the spirit of the bakery alive and beating.

The products we know and lust after will still be on sale (phew, because we can’t live without the sausage rolls) and the Old Post Office will still be apart of our Saturday mornings for the foreseeable. We can all breathe a big sigh of relief… and maybe tuck into one of their cinnamon rolls to celebrate.

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