2 years ago

The Terrace by Megan’s gets a summer glow-up

The Terrace by Megan’s has transformed itself into an Italian oasis. If you need us, we will be there sipping Malfy gins in the sun.

You might have heard rumblings of a summer transformation happening at Megan’s Clapham Common location. The Terrace was a winter wonderland for the start of the year, but it has now shed it’s winter coat and transformed into a beautiful oasis that is more summer ready than your favourite blogger.

The Terrace’s transformation had been sponsored by the delicious Malfy Gin, so not only will you be able to get your hands on some tasty drinks, but the decor has been heavily influenced by their Italian sun-soaked brand. Bright colours, lemons and flowers have coated the space, transporting you to sunny Italy right here in Clapham.

Whilst we were there couldn’t help but grab a little something to eat. As always, Megan’s does the sharing food well. Whether you want a cheesy sharing starter or some classic Padron peppers, don’t skip on something to nibble on during that wait for the mains to come. Sticking with the sharing theme, we also got one of their new mezze sharing feasts. A feast it indeed is- lamb and halloumi were the main elements of the one we chose (you can also get a chicken & halloumi or a full vegan board), but shout out to the accompaniments too- fries, flatbreads, dipping sauces, salads and the sweet potato chips have a special place in our heart. The board is absolutely jammed full of different elements, it’s impossible to stop picking. The brownie sundae with an iced latte was a dreamy end to the meal. All washed down with a Malfy cocktail, of course.

It’s a great spot for a get together with friends or family, whether you want a coffee, brunch or a late night cocktail. There’s nothing better than being out on the Common watching the world go by whilst eating some delicious food and Megan’s really have nailed it. The service is always ‘the extra mile’ and the menu always hits exactly the right spot.

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