2 years ago

There’s a brand new M&S in Battersea… and it’s not just any store

Collin the Caterpillar fans, you are in luck. M&S has landed in Battersea Power Station and they’ve brought their A Game (and Percy Pigs).

Marks and Sparks are known for their quintessential British foods, high quality products and, of course… Percy Pigs. So it is extremely exciting that they’ve opened their latest store on Battersea Power Station’s Electric Boulevard.

And this really isn’t just any store. It’s bigger, better, fresher and comes with a farmers market feel to it. The fresh produce is, as always, M&S quality, but you might be a bit surprised at the prices. 45p for a cabbage and fresh beetroot for 85p aren’t necessarily the prices you’d associate with a premium store like Marks. And it’s not just the fresh stuff- they’e got their biggest range of under £5 gifts and loads of deals on festive nibbles too.

As well as all the classic bits and bobs you’d expect to see in a supermarket, there will also be counters for bakery (check out the Christmas sourdough collection), pies, pizza and sushi too- perfect for when you need to grab and go. To make the shopping experience even better there will be easy ‘scan & shop’ tech installed so you can be quick when you need to be. Kids will be kept happy by the talking Percy Pigs and ‘moo-ing dairy cows’ too… But we think those additions will keep us entertained too.

The store is open Monday to Saturday 8am – 10pm and Sundays from 12pm – 6pm. 

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