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Want to know where to get the best view in London? It’s at Lift 109.

Even if you’re scared of heights, this one is worth doing. You get an uninterrupted- and breathtaking- 360 degree view of London.

Credit: @chimneylift109

Aside from the shops and restaurants, Lift 109 is Battersea Power Station’s signature feature. It operates in the North West chimney and zooms tourists and locals alike up above the clouds. You’ll reach a height of -you guessed it- 109 meters and get a stunning 360 degree view of London from the glass lift. We couldn’t wait to try this thrilling experience out ourselves.

What we didn’t realise is that the experience starts before even stepping into the lift. First there’s a mini exhibition where we learnt all kind of things about the Power Station’s history and how the electricity was generated. It was a really good exhibition too- loads of interactive moments for kids (and adults) and we got a good 10 minutes to explore the room. Then the group was moved into the pre-lift room where there is an immersive light show- big projections of the pipes, electrons and a recording that tells you a little more about the history of the Station.

Credit: @annielbishop⁠

And then it was time to head to the lift and it was as cool as we’d hoped. You’re zoomed up in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style round glass elevator and when you make it to the top you are greeted with breathtaking views. The whole London skyline is below and you get great views of Battersea Park, Royal Hospital Chelsea, Big Ben, the London Eye and beyond. Even though the day we visited was a little foggy it was still completely stunning and seeing the capital from that perspective was a really special moment. You get a really good amount of time up there to get pictures, drink a glass of fizz (you can buy a glass to take up with you if you want!) and point out all your favourite iconic landmarks.

A secluded glass lift above SW London that gives an uninterrupted 360 degree view? Lift 109 is our new favourite activity. It would be great to take any out of town-ers, kids on school holidays and it would be perfect for a birthday or anniversary. Head back to the ground and explore the rest of what the Power Station has to offer and you’ve got a lovely day on your hands

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