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Want to work out with Bear Grylls? Here’s your chance to Train Like A Ranger

Test your mettle with the grittiest of them all! There’s a free workout with Mr Grylls in Battersea… And it’s for a good cause.

Bear Grylls is about as tough as they get. You’ll know this ex-SAS adventurer from his epic TV series ‘Man vs. Wild’, or from the terrifying ‘The Island’. He’s been through some tough scrapes and he’s been fit enough to come out the other side. So here’s your chance to train as the pros do, because Bear Grylls is putting on a unique 45 minute workout class in Battersea Power Station that you can join in on!

Though the fitness class is completely free, the aim is to raise awareness and money for The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, a global campaign that raises money for frontline conservation efforts. They send money to rangers who work across Africa to preserve wildlife and it is an offshoot of the incredible charity Tusk. Tusk has been running for over 30 years and in that time has managed to invest over $100m into African conservation, meaning that many endangered species have been saved from man-made risks like poaching and pollution.

On the 16th June, the Coaling Jetty will turn into a gym for 45 minutes. Sign up and head down for 7.45am where you’ll be “…challenged to a series of body-weight workouts based on training programmes followed by thousands of Africa’s frontline wildlife rangers”, all led by Bear himself. You’ll get a proper sweat in, meet some inspirational people and make a difference to the lives of rangers across Africa all before your morning coffee? That’s got to be the best way to start a day.

Psst! Can’t make the workout but still want to contribute to the Wildlife Ranger Challenge? You can donate here.

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