6 months ago

We tried out the trending ‘injectable hydration’ with Dr Motox

If you’ve got your finger on the beauty pulse, then you might have heard of ‘Profihlo’. We visited Dr Motox to see if it is worth the hype.

We always leave Dr Motox feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, so what better time to visit him than the New Year. We were after a treatment that would revive our tired, winter-worn skin and he recommended us trying out a ‘Profihlo Treatment’. Now, we’d not heard of ‘Profihlo Treatment’ before. So we asked him to tell us, in his own words, exactly what it was… “It’s an injectable moisturiser! A natural, hydrating skin treatment. It doesn’t change the shape of the face or add any volume. It’s highly concentrated hyaluronic acid which absorbs water and feeds it to the skin for ultimate hydration. It improves the quality of the skin by stimulating natural production of collagen and elastin. Your skin will feel dewy and hydrated during the winter months.“… And that sounded pretty great to us.

Our skin was certainly a victim of the December festivities and we were desperate for some extra hydration. As we were a little unsure of the treatment and what it entailed, we were grateful for Dr Mo for taking the time to answer all of our questions in detail and he quickly put us at ease before the session kicked off properly. We are particularly scared of needles and rather than making us feel dramatic he took it in stride and gave us one of those spiky stress balls as a distraction. And after all was said and done, we did feel a bit dramatic because the feelings (which, honestly, we couldn’t really even describe as ‘pain’) was completely tolerable and the worry was all for nothing. We spent the majority of the treatment chatting and laughing! It doesn’t stop with the treatment itself though, Dr Mo is also really thorough with aftercare, but importantly doesn’t fear monger with unnecessary levels of do’s and don’ts.

The Dr Mo experience really is unrivalled and we’re so lucky to have him in Clapham. Consistently professional, knowledgeable and a great conversationalist. He’s in Clapham Old Town on Mondays and spends most of his other time in his brand new Mayfair clinic. So make the most of Mondays whilst he’s here or- and dare we say it- leave Clapham on the other days (he’s worth it). There’s loads that Dr Motox does, and we’ve been for several different treatments with him and every time have been super impressed. (You can check out some of our other reviews here or here).

Having visited we can completely understand why this treatment is trending right now. It’s subtle, quick and takes skincare to a whole new level. We were really happy with the results and will definitely be back… probably with all our friends who we’ve been raving about it to. If you’re looking for a winter treatment that takes your regular skin care routine up a notch, this is the one for you.

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