2 years ago

What to do with Clapham Common Gateway

It’s been regenerated several times over the years, but nothing seems to stick. We can’t help but think, is there a better way to manage this patch?

You know which little patch of grass we are talking about, right? The one opposite the Little Waitrose that backs onto Joe Public. In recent years it has been regenerated several times with the promise of a wildflower meadow, a grassy bank and raised beds.

However, it doesn’t seem to stick. The regeneration of the patch has occurred several times over the past few years, each time using money from the ‘Welcome Back Fund’. This government programme was made to support high streets rejuvenate post Covid, and we are sure that making ours more beautiful with a flowery grassy patch is certainly an improvement.

However, we can’t help but think that this little gateway is a bit of an economic drain. After several years of money being poured into it, the flowers don’t seem to want to bloom for much longer than a couple of months and it falls to ruin again. To be sure, we’d love it to be a gorgeous oasis all year, but perhaps there needs to be a new approach to its upkeep. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one! Let us know on our IG here.

The Clapham Common Gateway landscaping project 2019 / Credit: This Is Clapham

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