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When the cravings for Italian hit, head to Lievito Madre

There’s only one thing for it when the cravings hit. Well, actually three things. Pizza, pasta and cheese. And wine too. Ok, ok. Four things.

You know what we are talking about, don’t you. You wake up at 2am in cold sweat, shivering. There’s only one thing that will cure this fever dream. Italian food. When those cravings hit, they hit hard. But don’t fret, Clapham, because Lievito Madre is here to save the day.

We began our meal with a glass of the house red. They say a place can be judged on the quality of the house wine and if this one was anything to go by, we were ready to be in for a treat. It was an easy drinking, light red- the ideal companion to a lunchtime Italian fix.

To eat we ordered the holy trinity of comforting Italian food. What is the holy trinity you ask? Pasta, pizza and cheese. Duh. So we started with an oozy burrata which came with a hunk of meltingly soft aubergine- a nice light twist to replace the usual bread to dunk in a cheesy starter. Those soft flavours and textures were offset by some pomegranate seeds and peppery rocket. Show us a better starter, we’ll wait.

Malloreddus sausage was the pasta order of the day. This one was recommended to us and we are so glad it was, what a winner of a dish. It was a cosy sausage and fennel ragu on a Sardinian style pasta (small little nibbles that are similar to gnocchi). All the flavours of autumn you could wish for and we pass on our recommendation to you. Finally was the ‘zucca e pancetta’ pizza. Made up of a slightly sweet pumpkin cream sauce, two types of cheese (mozzarella and scamorza affumicata) and wafer thin pancetta. It was a very luxurious tasting dish, especially without the usual zingy tomato base, but we really fell for it. And, of course, it all on came on that signature pillowy dough that you can see the chef firing in his huge pizza oven.

Heads up! If you’re looking for a Christmas party they’ve just jazzed up their back room- it’s the perfect place to get a group together to get festive.

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