2 years ago

Wildflower meadow to be planted on the Common

Clapham Common is getting wild- literally. A wildflower meadow is going to be planted over Spring to encourage biodiversity.

Clapham Common is getting an injection of the wild in the form of a floral meadow. The flowers will be planted in the Spring around Windmill Drive with the aim of encouraging the dwindling numbers of butterflies and moths. And it’s going to look pretty too. Wild Clapham and Butterfly Conservation have collaborated on this one to make sure it is an effective habitat as is possible.

The area designated to the new meadow is currently mainly rye-grass, an invasive crop which will be removed and replaced with the insect-friendly wildflowers. Removing the current rye-grass will also ensure longevity of the meadows; after it’s 2-3 year establishment period, there won’t be need for replanting for at least another 10-15 years.

The work should take around 2 weeks to complete, but when that is done the fencing surrounding the new seedlings will be taken down- so don’t go stomping over it! There will be natural soil defences around the meadow so you’ll be able to spot it on your morning plod around the Common.

“Wild Clapham is a partnership project between The Friends of Clapham Common and The Clapham Society with the aim of improving the biodiversity and ecology of Clapham Common. The project is overseen by the Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee working in partnership with Lambeth Council.”

 Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee

Along with the patch by windmill drive, the Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee have also just agreed to plant wildflowers in a few more spots on the Common. We’ve added the areas in red on the map so you can keep an eye out for them.

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