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Don’t miss this must-see exhibition at Clapham Library

This must-see exhibition at Clapham Library follows the generations 75 years after Empire Windrush landed on the shores of the UK.

Brixton Windrush Day parade in June 2022.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush to the shores of the UK at Tilbury Docks. The people onboard started a new era of history for the UK and this has been documented in an exhibition by Jim Grover that will be shown in Clapham Library from now until the 2nd September.

Monica Blair, who arrived from Jamaica in 1964, joining St James’ Church night-time prayers by Zoom.

The exhibition is made up of over 70 colour photographs, which creates a photo-story that “…explores how the generations which followed the Windrush Generation are living their lives in the UK today“. If you saw Grover’s previous award-winning exhibition Windrush: Portrait of a Generation, then you might recognise a few familiar faces. Grover has continued following the stories of some of the first generation men and women who featured in his 2018 show, and you’ll see even more of their lives since arriving in the UK in 1948. The exhibition is split into 9 intimate photo-stories, all of which follow different people, organisations and groups who have worked to conserve their “…distinctive Caribbean heritage and traditions for current and future generations“.

Audrey Scott sings her hit ‘Goodbye my Love’ at the launch of the Lovers Rock exhibition, Croydon.

The exhibition is all about generating conversation around the Windrush generations and how they have changed the cultural diversity of Britain for good. Joyful and heartbreaking at the same time, Expect it to be an emotional experience, but one you must see before it closes in September.

All images are copyright Jim Grover

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