2 years ago

Your bike can see the DR now…

Your bike can see the Doctor now. And like our lovely NHS, this is going to be completely free too… time for a check up.

Credit: @cycle_confident

Dr Bike is coming to Brixton to solve all of your two-wheeled niggles and pains. And it’s completely free. On the 7th Sept between 4pm and 7pm and on the 10th Sept between 12pm and 3pm head down to Shakespeare Rd/ Coldharbour Lane (SW9 8SG) and you’ll be met by the friendly, skilled team from Cycle Confident. They will be there with their spanners and tools to help you with any minor adjustments for your bike- if anything needs to be looked into in more detail then they’ll let you know what needs fixing and how much it would cost at a shop.

The mechanics are also incredibly knowledgeable about all things on two wheels, so if you’ve got any other cycling-based questions or want to head down just to chat to them about your biking adventures then they’ll certainly be up for a conversation too!

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